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3 variations of "Mixed Nuts" performed by SLS: 1.Emotional Slow 2.Relaxing Swing 3.Original

Get Sheet Music (.pdf) or MIDI file (.mid) by entering US$3/1 or more to support SLSMusic. Both options includes Mp3 files for listening.

輸入3塊或1塊美金(USD)以上的價格來支持SLSMusic並獲得樂譜(.pdf)MIDI檔(.mid) 任一選項皆附贈Mp3音檔供試聽。

⚠️ 4th Variation & Ending outro not included.
⚠️ 樂譜並不包含第四段變奏及片尾彩蛋即興。

Original Video:

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SPY×FAMILY / Mixed Nuts - Official髭男dism

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